Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday's Message

I heard a beautiful talk on Sunday at church and I especially loved this quote.
The tender mercy of our Heavenly Father is for each and everyone of us.  
I am so grateful knowing that our Father In Heaven loves each one of us.  As a parent we often have moments when we are called upon to render wisdom and support to our children. It is those moments that strike me how great the love we have for our mortal families is comparable to  the love our
Father in Heaven feels for us.   I am ever grateful for this quote it gives me great comfort and pause to think of the things that I do each day .  
 It was President J Ruben Clark - “I feel that [the Savior] will give that punishment which is the very least that our transgression will justify. I believe that he will bring into his justice all of the infinite love and blessing and mercy and kindness and understanding which he has. …

“And on the other hand, I believe that when it comes to making the rewards for our good conduct, he will give us the maximum that it is possible to give, having in mind the offense which we have committed"

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