Monday, September 17, 2012

Spiderman's Blowing Out The Candles

Cambel The Spiderman Has A 4th Birthday 
This little super hero has tons of energy and can actually scale walls and jump over buildings.
He loves to spend time with Justin and Avennly
We love this little spiderman !
Happy Birthday Cambel .
Here's a few of Cambel's Favorite Things !

I love my A B C's 

Brownies Are Delicious

Fly Me to Cancun !

I could munch veggie and fruit all day long!

My favorite job is helping to clean the table !

I Love To Hop Hop Hop

I am good at listening !

Mama Mia I love pasta !

Guess Who Is My Favorite Super Hero !

One Day I Am Going To Make Lots Of Money !

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