Friday, June 27, 2014

McKenna's Top 16 Facts and Favorites

1. I Work For Chic K Filet
2, I Love To Play Soccer
3. I Love La Habra High School
4. My Favorite Colors Are Purple & Turquoise
5. Drinking Coke Zero
6. Reading  Is My Favorite
7. Yummy Peanut Butter M n M's 
8. Church Dances Are The Best
9. My Favorite Food Is FAST Food
10. I Am Excited to Date
11. Playing Zelda Is My Favorite Game
12. I Want To Be A Physical Therapist
13. I Love Photography
!4.  Clothes , Clothes and Clothes
15.I Love My Family and Friends
16.  My Favorite Scripture Is Alma 32:21

We Love You McKenna
Can't Wait To See What The Next Years Bring !

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