Tuesday, July 1, 2014

13 Years Ago.....A Campground Was Set Up In A Hospital Waiting For This Little Boy i

Hey Dude When Did I Stop Being A Kid ?

July 1, 2014
13 Years Ago 
Billy Made Candice and Bill A Family of Three 
Happy Birthday To The Newest Teenager In Town 
We Love You So Much 
Love Grandpa and Nonnie

And Now 13 Things About Birthday Boy Billy
1. I Love My Mom's Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins & Panda Express
2, Turquoise is My Favorite Color
3. Sports Picks Baseball and Soccer
4. I Love To Read
5. Mortal Instruments Is My Favorite Book Series
6. Challenge Me To Checkers 
7. Meow Meow Is The Sound of My Favorite Animal
8.  I Like To Practice Baseball At The Park
9. My Favorite Scripture Story Is When Nephi Was
Tied Up By His Brothers in Ship and How He Handled Himself
10. Chocolate Chip Cookies Are The Best
11.  Take Me To Utah 
12. Favorite School Subject Is Reading
13. My Best Friends Besides My Brother, Sisters and Cousins Are
Landon, Charles, Alec and Bryant

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