Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red , White and Blue 2014

Another successful 4th of July passes on.
Tradition started by my parents Barbara and Jack Renouf.
Carried on by Laurie Renouf 
and now next generation Candice and Bill Sanders over 7 years thus far year
Lots of help from all the girls, Courtney, Cammy and Katie
Can't forget our incredible husbands and grandchildren and friend who pitch in to a make a wonderful
celebration.  We swam,had ice cream, gorged on delicious foods and snacks.
The Parade was a fun success.
Our 2014 Patriotic Program Was The Following
Bell Ringing for Start-Amery Sanders
Welcome -Bill Sanders
Plegde -Noah Henao , Bradley Sanders and Noah Lemmon and Maxxx Fuller
Independence Day Meaning-Aubrey Sanders and Avennly Hamlin
Lady Liberty -Kenzie Henao and Amery Sanders
Old Glory Billy Sanders
Your A Grand Old Flag-The Patriotic Children's Choir
Pearls of Patriots-Laurie Renouf Medearis
Paul Revere-Alex Henao
Abraham Lincoln-Cambel Wenning and Bradley Sanders

Happy Birthday America- VIP Guest Choir
Sparklers Display 

The Grand Fireworks Show
Biil and Billy Sanders, Austin Anderson, Courtney Henao

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