Monday, March 7, 2016

2016 Is Off and Running...Catch a Breath and Enjoy a Visual Feast of Where Life Takes Us

VIP'S Visit Disneyland !
Thanks For A Delicious Lunch Mom and Dad !
Spending Time With My Sisters

A Peek At Life With The Sanders

Aubrey is becoming an excellent Horse Woman !

Ice Cream Time At Chick Fil A

Aubrey on her way to Wicked With Her Friend...Childhood just hit the deck !
The Black Dress Is Perfect  !
Aubrey is The Complete Package-A Real Sweetheart

A Beautiful School Picture Amery !

Disneyland With The Little One
Ally  !

Lets Run With The Henao's

Academic Decathlon With Noah

A Bronze Goes To Noah In Math
Great Job Noah !

Soccer Tournament in  Escondido
State Cup For Kenzie
All Star Commissioners Cup For Noah
Equals Weekend At Nonnie and Grandpa's
& Soccer

Oh and Kettle corn !
It's definitely his bag .



                                                 Another Little Out Enjoying Disneyland

                                                           Youth Activity on the Ice
                                                            We Have An Ice Skater Down

                                                           RX# 3 Hairline Fractures         
                                               To Cast Or To Not Still The Question of The Day

An Advertisement for
Ralph B Clark Park
The Best Value In Town

Hop On Over To Meadow View
To See What Cammy, Greg and The Kiddos are Up To

Let's Start With These 2 Kiddo's
Greg and Cammy headed out To Dallas, Texas
Right on Heels of New Year's
Celebrating  Greg's Birthday

Go Cowboy's

                                             Back Home To Celebrate With The Kiddo's
                                                         Banzai Japanese Steak House
                                                    Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream Cake !
                                                                   Yummy !

Cammy Soaking Up Vitamin D

                                                      How To Celebrate A Summer Birthday
                                                   Celebrate Your Half Birthday...
                                                                      Almost 12 !
                                                         Limo, Beach, Ruby's abd Friends                                   
                                                               A Winning Combination !

Cambel Flexing His Muscles
At PAR Core
1/2 Gymnastics and Half Mixed Martial Arts

                                               A Trip To Bishop-Snuggle Time
                         No Fishing but I think they both caught
                                         The LOVE BUG

Let The Building Begin
Kitchen Remodel March 2016
We Can't Wait To See Cammy's Creative Design
Also Credit To Her Hard Working Husband-Banker Greg ..LOL

Avennly, cuddlling With Mr. Peaches

Nick , Having A Good Time !

Austin and Cambel Went to Temecula Rod Run with Grandpa. 
Hers's Austin trying out a brand Corvette.
They finished the day off with In and Out


Spring came before the celebration of love this year .
But never fail love always wins out. 
Happy Valentines Day !

                                                 Time To Check In At The Elisaldez Home

                                            A New Game For Family Game Night
                                                                   It's Likewise
                                                   * Nonnie didn't do so well,,,,must practice !

                                                             GREASE IS THE WORD
                                         Nonnie and Grandpa were in town for the 50's style party
                                                Floats, Hot Fudge Sundaes, Popcorn and Karaoke
                                                                        Such a great evening !

The Oscar Goes T0

in Shrek The Musical


    Ryder has been doing some 
                                                Physical  Therapy strengthening his entire leg
                                            Katie's Passion-Hiking, Jogging & Nature

                                                 Daddy Daughter Candyland Dance 2016

                                                                 Kaden AKA DJ IQ
                                                                      A Surprise Party
                                                  The Stake Activity-Cruise The Mexican Rivera
                                                                  Still tickling the Ivories

                                                                Super Bowl 2016

                                                                    Love Is In The Air

                                                                         Hat Day

Grayson and Brooklynne
Rocking the Court

Coach Mark, Kaden and Ryder Dominating
The Middle School Circuit

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