Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dancing Grandma

Dear Dancing Grandma,

Happy Birthday to you. I hope that in Heaven they are planning a party with music, dancing, singing an a drumstick for you. I can't celebrate Halloween and not think of you. Halloween and your Birthday always came in two's. They ushered in the Holiday Season . You were always the beginning of this wonderful season approaching of joy, gratitude and celebration of the Saviors Birthday. How brave, strong and joyful you were. When words wouldn't come your eyes told the story. Every party , house filled to the brim with family, kids and babies....some would have hated that but not you. Dancing Grandma you always loved a good party with yummy food, happy tunes and most of all the children. You really were such an example of Christ like attributes.

I miss you so much and at times I ache for you , to hold your hand one more time, to help you stand one more time to have you follow me around and be my shadow. I know in my heart that you are at Heavenly Fathers side with Grandpa and your family. You are preparing our home for each arrival just as you did when we were each born.

Our Father in Heaven loves us and always places people in our lives to love us, care for us and help us to bare our trials. I am happy to know exactly where you are and that you can now remember those things about yourself and your family that brings you joy .

I am grateful to know who I am, where I come from and where my final destination is. This knowledge is all the sweeter knowing you are there waiting and cheering us on.

Happy Birthday Dancing Grandma !

PS (my computer just went down and I can't load pictures but check back....I have some great ones to share)


Leslie said...

What a nice tribute to Grandma.
I thought of her this morning, too and had her birthday written on my calendar.
We have so many good memories of you and your shadow.
She was lucky to have you taking such good care of her for so many years.

Familia Henao said...

This blog post made me miss grany goose so much. I was reading along with Noah and showed him the pic of him with Granny. I asked if he remembered her. He told me yeah. Kenz asked me "who's that?" kinda sad that kenz never got a chance to spend some time with her like the rest of us.. I too would give anything to help her stand or help her eat again. I know she is happier where she is...but its still hard to think she is no longer here with us..enjoying all the fun things we made her do.. :)

The Renouf Family said...

Thanks Laurie for posting such a beautiful tribute. I was thinking of her today, too (and of you). I love the pictures of her. And I agree, I hope she is dancing away up there. Thanks again.

Prudy said...

Oh Laurie, how sweet! What a nice way to remember Grandma. She starts the busy birthday month on just the right note.

Catherine said...

How sweet, Laurie. I thought of Grandma yesterday morning and told my kids, "It's Dancing Grandma's Birtday today!" It's so sad, neither one of them remember her. Thankyou for sharing this sweet tribute.

Katie and Mark said...

So sad....Poor Mark came home to me staring at my screen and crying! It is awful. I miss her too. Kaden and Ryder both remember her. Kaden remembers me shouting (or saying rather urgently and loudly) to him to get the wheel chair as Grandma quickly decided she was not going to walk anymore and sat herself down! I think he was 3! Ryder remebers helping feed her. He was 2, he would sit on her lap, feed her her sandwich, and say, "Eat. Eat Granny."

All the craziness, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

I have "dibbs" on you and Mark! :)