Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monster Mashed Out

We did the Mash, Thriller, munched, bunched, Grandpa Mark brewed up bubble bubble homemade rootbeer, Witches Blood Punch, BBQ Grill Masters, Chili & Nachos. The Sanders had a Haunted House for us to all gather at, we had pumpkin carving contests, the most beautiful baked goods from Court, Kay, Auntie Leslie, Sarah , Nonnie Laurie (COSTCO Of Course)( sorry if I missed anyone) We had Hans Solo, Mario's, Lugi's, Fancy Nancy's, Rosie The Riveter, Monsters, Magicians, Smokers,( aka you know of whom I speak, those we don't speak of) Indian Jones, Car Hops, Sonic, Cool Cats, I Bite Vampires, Dragons, Candy Corn Witches, Alice in Wonderlands, Snow Whites Goofy Glasses and Teeth, Gaa Gaa's , Bacca's Auntie's, Uncles, Grandma's, Friends, Bella and Edward, A Beauty King Bill, A Dark Angel , Witches, Missionaries, a Comando and a real true Life American Service Man just home from training ( Scott Dwelley WELCOME HOME !) A Trick or Treater that won the show as a Gum Ball Machine, Glow Necklaces, outdoor movie theater and a total Blast ! Now I am totally MASHED OUT ! Can't wait for the next party. Thanks to everyone for making it great ! The only thing missing was You and that's goes for all our friends and family who we know were Mashing It Up everywhere else !

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Katie and Mark said...

What a MONSTER MASH indeed! :) Everyone looked great, and I LOVE the pix. Your snacks looked delicious, your monsters scary, your heros brave, and all that other Hocus Pocus!

We miss you and love you!