Sunday, June 13, 2010

Backyards Are The Best

It's Summer time and I am off work.  
I love my job with the School District. Its is an unbelievable experience and frankly one I feel so lucky to have.  My job at CENTURY 21 was another awesome job. 
I have been blessed in my career life 
BUT I have to admit my favorite thing is 
spending time with my family.  I love it.
So far I have been able to spend a little extra time in all of my children's backyards.  All the girls have awesome yards and open ammenities where they live.  
Cammy and Abel always open their benefits of 
Woodbridge Community with the family, welcoming us to the Lagoon , Pools and Parks.  Backyard playtime is always a huge treat. It is nice to see play time in action.  PS:  Nonnie and Grandpa will soon have a backyard and some ammentites to share. Now all the grandchildren loved our Wine Country Home, with the Big Wheels, hills to ride and explore, and that incredible view, not to mention Bob the Builder and his lovely wife Ling upstairs,  but as Billy said " Nonnie you really need a stove "

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