Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day With Dad Medearis

 Special celebrations for Fathers Day everywhere were in abundance.  The most special ones are those  that each of our children planned for their wonderful  husbands and also for remembering Grandpa Mark.  Thank you girls for remembering Mark and the wonderful Father figure he is for our family, I could not wish for a better father for our family.  He loved all his gifts and well wishes.
A highlight of our day was sharing little time with Marks Dad,  Tyler, Troy, Carissa, David, James and Aurora.   We send our heartfelt gratitude and  love to all our sons, fathers, son-in laws, uncles, and cousins  for we know you are examples helping shape the future of our world and make sure we all return home to our Father in Heaven. Thank you for the love, protection and righteous direction you give your  your families and help preserve our posterity

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