Sunday, June 13, 2010

BURNSEY's Family- Celebrate Mallory Graduation

Congratulations Miss Mallory !
What a great picture of the Burnsey and Mike Montano Family !
Four Graduated-Two To Go
One Married, One Almost Married and Four To Go
We Are Cheering For You !!

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Leslie said...

Ohhhhh this was nice of you to post us!
It feels like such a milestone! Four kids graduated and MIke and I actually survived 10 years of constantly having kids in high school.
She is so happy, and we had a great night together.
Thanks Eunice for posting this.
I can't wait to hang out with you all summer long.
We get to laugh our heads off, go to the Lagoon and swim at your brand new house!
Can't wait.
Here's to Summer, Freedom, and 6 Years to go before the next high school graduation.
Have a great summer.
See you at the beach.
K.I.T. 600-3837
Best Buds,