Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Church Studies Book Of Mormon

This year we get to study the Book of Mormon.  I am very excited to focus on this inspired book.
The first few lessons are all about Lehi's dream /vision of the Tree of Life.  It has been very interesting studying further about this story that I have heard many times.  It also seems interesting to e that so many movies and much of history have been depicting a tree of life. In Jewish Culture the Tree of Life Is Strong.
But I want to stress the importance of holding to the rod. It is the word of God and it will lead us home.  We must hold on tightly with both hands because the winds will blow and we will be buffeted with Satan's darts.

So To My Family Hold Tight-Don't Let Go !
The Fruit of The Tree is Pure, and Everlasting It Is The Blessings Of The Atonement.

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