Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buzzing Around With The Henao's

This is a backwards post.  Today was visit with the Henao Day.  We ended the evening at Coldstones and despite a long busy day the ice cream seemed to perk everyone up.
We cheered McKenna on at her school Soccer game.  She plays for Rancho Starbuck and is one of their best players.  We enjoyed a beautiful day outside and Kenzie and Noah explored and soaked up the sun.  We then grabbed a quick dinner at Pizza Hut in Target, spent a little Christmas money and then hit the road back to McKenna's School.  McKenna is in Drama and performed in a skit.  She actually played the roll of Lucy with Linus.  She did a great job a real flare for drama.  Another Drama Llama in our family.  What a Shock.  It was nice to see how well she has adjusted to her new school.  She had lots of friends cheering for her and she earned it all she did great.  Noah and Kenzie are the best sports around cheering their sister on all day.  Its always my lucky day when I get to spend anytime with those I love.

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