Friday, January 27, 2012

Living The Abundant Life

A great Friday night.  Catte and her family were down visiting from Utah and we were lucky to have an afternoon with her sweet family.  Oh my goodness we just met her new baby, Louisa.  She is a real sweetie and completely enjoyed Annabelle, Paul, and Adelaide. ( I am sure I spelled that wrong )Leslie came with Annie and Erin.  We had Courtney, Kenna, Noah and Kenzie.  Cammy, Avennly and Cambel.  Roy with his five young ones.  Actually Roy's family is really getting old. The girls look like young ladies and the boys are so tall.  We also had Liz Dwelley , Charlotte and Wyatt.  We love Liz and her family.  They fit right in with our group and always make everything event better with their sweet spirits and kindness.  Grandpa Mark has put a beautiful home and back yard together for us to share.  Our pool is so much fun and we haven't even hit summer.  I can't wait to picnic on the grass.  Everyone bought all kinds of delicious goodies.  It always brings great memories of Mom and Dad's house on Gottes Lane as the kids enjoyed Popsicles in the pool, even in January.  We had some arts and crafts going on and Dance Party and dress up in th eplay room. The Italian in all us allows us to enjoy several conversations at once and a noise level that seldom is turned down till the last guest has left and the silence returns, but honestly a serence peaceful quiet reflecting on how lucky we are to hear the sounds of life, to see the joys of happiness and taste the blessing of abundance,  This month's home teaching lesson is called  Living The Abundant life.  We certainly do.  We share all that we have on so many levels.  Lots of  love today being spread around.  We are so blessed with so many things to be grateful for.  Yes we face challenges, yes life brings some unexpected challenges and some we would love just say no thanks, pass the plate but its moments like today that you hold on to and enjoy.  I love my family and friends so much .  I am lucky to have a husband who is gracious and willing to entertain our large growing family.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for teaching us about love. loyalty and the most important things in life. 
PS ...Catch the picture of Mark...35 pounds lighter and enjoying his Green Veggies.
Way to go Mark !!  Looking Fine !

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Catherine said...

We had so much fun Thankyou so much for hosting everyone, Laurie. We loved being able to see everyone. And Adelaide is still talking about her party. :D