Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ole Baby Blue Eyes Bradley Celebrates A Birthday

Happy Birthday Little Brad.
Brad is the Energizer Elf,  He has tons of energy and a big heart of love.
He loves his cousins and his family very much !
Brad loves school and has green days almost every single day.
Brad has an amazing memory and recite almost anything by heart that he wants to learn.
Brad plays soceer and loves video games.
We Love You Brad!

Discover More About Brad Below....

Brad loves Science and learning about crystals

Brad wants to be the first money keeper 

Brad likes to keep his room clean and dump the trash

Brad nickname has been " Elf "  sometimes                           "Angry Elf" but very rarely !

Give me PB&J anytime  !

Brad loves Percy Jackson books, movies and toys 

My hobby is playing basketball

I love to help my  Mom and Dad with vaccuming

Ciao Bella Pasta Momma Mia I Love It 

Brad's favorite song is Hosanna For Easter

I love family home evening !
It's my family activity.

John Carter is one of my favorite movies 
Especially when he keeps falling down.

I am good at listening to the Holy Ghost!

My favorite memory is my little
Guinea pigs Willy and Lilly

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