Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Own Christmas Angel Celebrates A Birthday

Happy Birthday to Our Little Christmas Angel Aubrey May Sanders
Aubrey is 10 years old and real sweetheart.
She loves to be a help at home but also at school with students who might
need a little extra.  Aubrey loves many things.  This year she has had horseback riding lessons, 
continues dancing and is preparing to sing a duet for the Christmas Program at Church.
We love you very much Aubrey  !
Scroll down for a few interesting facts about Aubrey !

Aubrey loves to babysit and help with her brothers and sisters.

Aubrey loves family movie night with all her favorite people      her family !

Her favorite vacation place is the Bahamas

Aubrey loves black bean tacos

Yummy Chocolate Pudding 

Aubrey loves dogs

I love to read books about dogs 

I love the Happiest Hotel The Disneyland Hotel

I love to go to church as a family

Aubrey would like to a pro-football player

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