Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Who's Celebrating All Over Whoville In December

Please enjoy this eclectic collection of Christmas.
I hope it represents a little bit of everyones Christmas in our family.
It's here there and everywhere.  It is different homes, different activities,
different traditions but all centered around the 
love of family and the celebration of our dear Savior.
Merry Christmas to our dear children, grandchildren and friends.
We love each of you so much.  We enjoy all the moments in time we get with you.
We appreciate your sending pictures, texts, emails and letters to keep us updated on our growing 
family .  Time passes quickly and time is guaranteed to no one.
Enjoy every minute you have, do not take those we love for granted,
Embrace those opportunities to do things together, make time for each other,
communicate with each other, listen, pray for, life each others spirits and hold dear to all our loved ones.
These are the true treasures of Christmas.
Thank you for loving us and inviting us into your lives.
It is what makes our life beautiful, good and happy.
Merry Christmas To All  !


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