Friday, January 4, 2013

This New Years Birthday Party Started In The Hospital

Our New Years Baby is turning 6
She's not really a baby anymore but a beautiful young girl.
Kenzie is a little diva and is proud to show it.
She loves school, enjoys playing with her toys and loves dancing !
She is starting gymnatics and loves it .  She is very good and has some
amazing flexibility. She loves to sing.
Kenzie is excited to become a big sister this next year.
We Love You Kenzie

I love to read Dr. Zeuss books !

Bacon Bacon Bacon Give Me Bacon 

or give me Granola Bars

I'm a Barbie Girl 

Can you say YUMMY ! I love brownies and ice cream !

I love to help make brownies with my Mom

Camping with my family makes he happy

My favorite memory is coloring Easter eggs 

Bring some crayons. colored pencils &paper and I will draw , draw, draw 

I am good at Soccer

My favorite job is helping to wash dishes 

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