Monday, January 14, 2013

What Was Lost Has Now Been Found

Steven Randall Mac Isaac
Born 1/26/1956
Return To Heavenly Father

What once was lost has now been found .That one missing sheep has returned home to our Heavenly Father. May there be rejoicing and peace for my daughters Father as he returns to his heavenly home. For my daughters you are so loved and cherished . Your Dad wept with joy at your birth. Many of life's thorns ensnared his path but never doubt the love that he had for you girls. He helped to build a posterity of love even when his physical presence couldn't be with us. I love you girls and do does your extended family. One day your Father will say I love you and please forgive me. Peace be unto you.
Randy Mac Isaac . 1/26/56-1/13/13.

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Lisa Karr said...

PLEASES, say it's not true!!!