Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Justin

* Late Post Due To Trip To The Amazon..okay I was sick  

Ready To Dig in For His 14th Birthday.
At one of his favorite eats Claim Jumper!
Happy Birthday Justin We love You !!
Justin enjoys many things and especially celebrating his Birthday with his brother and sister.
Here's a few more thing he enjoys .

The Question was do you like popcorn or ice cream
Justin said both (my kinda kid )

Justin Loves Olive Garden

Looking for A Career In Graphic Design 

Favorite Sport Is Hockey

Favorite Clothes To Wear Sweatshirts and Jeans 

Take me On A Vacation To An Igloo

If Justin Had  a $100 To Spend  He Would Save It !

Favorite Sport Team The Anaheim Ducks 

When asked what he knows about the gospel he said
I know the Gospel Is True

I Love To Play Video Games

Favorite Pet Cats !

Yummy Yummy I Love Snickers !

4 Years From Now I Plan On Being At UCI !


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