Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pssssst You Want To Buy A Number Five

Happy 5th Birthday
Miss Amery Sanders !
April 2, 2088
Energy, Happiness and Smiles Abound 
With This Girl
She's going to make a great new big sister.
She loves to play dress up, dance, and give massages.
We Love You Amery . Happy Birthday !
Learn A Little More About our Newest 5 Year Old !

My Favorite Show Is America's Funniest Home Video's 

One Of My Favorite Holiday's Is Christmas

My Favorite Song Is Book of Mormon Stories

My Future College BYU
Go Cougars

My Favorite Thing To Wear Is Christmas Clothing

I Know That Jesus and Heavenly Father Loves Me

My Very Favorite Holiday Is Halloween

I Love My Dad Because My Dad Is Nice !!

I Plan On Being A Veterinarian

I Love My Mom Because She Is Sweet

My Favorite Animal Is A Baby Elephant

My Favorite Ice Cream Is Bubblegum

My Favorite Pet Is A Dog 

Give Me A Break-Giv
e Me Break
Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit Kat Bar 

I Love Watching Gymnastics !

Camping In The Mountains By A Lake Is My Favorite

I Love My Little Pony ! Pinkie Pie

Mint Chip Is So Yummy

Things That Make Sad 
Angry People !

My Favorite Birthday Would Be A Pony Party 

Pick Me a Strawberry Please !

If I Had A $100.00 I Would Buy Pony's

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