Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sunday Special February 24th, 2013

It's a Special Sunday when Grandpa Renouf is the speaking companion of 
Whittier Stakes High Council Speaker especially when that speaker is 
his Grandson and its in both their home ward now and once opon a time.
The 7th Ward/ Granada.
What a very special day to be so spiritually fed..  We had a wonderful show of support from                   family and friends.
Bill was the opening and my Dad did the closing.
Talk about a DYNAMIC DUO
They were both amazing and powerful.
Bill spoke with passion and conviction.
How weekly church attendance helped to keep his armour of God, strong, polished with no chinks and prepare him do do "battle: for the next week, This is something that Sunday means to him along side with partaking of the sacrament.
Also, we are expected to go forward from where we are in what ever way we can.
Dad's talk highlighted how much they love the Granada /7th, ward.  The Special people and love they felt.  What an impression Presdient Powell made back during a meeting with Dad many years ago.
  He talked about The Lion King.  He shared some stories that several of the family had written after seeing it.  Many them from the young to old shared that we all need to get on with life.  Let go of the past and move forward.  That our Father in Heaven always wants our success. Also its not to late to "get into the boat".  To make sure we stay in the boat, don't get out,and  hang on as tight as you can .
I am just hitting the highlights of both Bill's and Dad's but they gave some really valuable counsel.  The ward loved having The "Renouf's" with them and wanted them to stay a little longer.
We spent three hours being spiritually feed and then we went to the Sanders Home where Courtney and Candice  and their families hosted a delicious luncheon that Mom and Dad provided for all us hungry hungry people.  It was a wonderful day and we loved every minute.
(Sorry there aren't better pictures of individuals but I got a tummy ache and hit the master bed  : (  )

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