Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just in the NICK of Time Celebrating 14

It Time to Celebrate Nick's 14th Birthday
1. I Love Shooting Shotguns
2. Doves Are My Favorite Birds
3. I Love Riding Quads
4. I Love My Family At My Mom's
5. I Love My Family At My Dad's
6. My Favorite Football Teams Are The Broncos &The Vikings
7. I Love Cooking and Creating
8. I Like Country
9.I Like Listening To Country Singer Blake Shelton
10. My Favorite Song Is You Shouldn't Be Gone
By Blake Shelton
11. My Favorite Motorcycle Gear Is FOX
12. I Love The Bible Story of Daniel In The Lions Den
13. I Am An Outdoor Man
14.  I Love All of The Great Country
Nick is full of happiness and life !
He is always up for a good time.  We love that he feels so comfortable
in our home.
 We are grateful to have him for a Grandson.
He is polite, respectful, helpful and very smart.
He is a great young man and has a
love for his Heavenly Father.
Happy Birthday Nick !
We Love You Grandpa and Nonnie


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