Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Noah Makes The Top TEN List

For Noah's 10th Birthday !
10.  Noah wants to be a Firefighter Smoke Jumper
9. He Adores His Baby Brother He Calls Pandy Poo
8.He Loves Flying Kites and His Remote Control Car
7.Farmer Boys Hamburgers Are His Favorite
6. He Loves to Hang Out and Relax
5.He Loves to Use His Rainbow Loom To Be Creative
4. MINE CRAFT is His Favorite Game on His I Pod Touch
3. I am a Math Fan
2. My Best Friends Are Peyton, Matthew and Emily
& Noah's #1 Thing for Us To Know
1. I Love My Family

Happy Birthday To Noah
He has a smile that is always present and has been since he was a baby.
He is very active, loves his cousins and his friends.
He Plays Club Soccer and loves the Boy Scout Program.

We Love You Noah & Think Your Awesome 
Grandpa and Nonnie1.

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