Sunday, September 21, 2014

Labor Day 2014 or Lucas Day

Lucas got more than his fair share of photo's on Labor Day.
Our usual Labor Day Party was a series of comings and goings.
The Sanders were all home sick.
The Anderson's were spending opening day of Dove hunting , doing just that, but stopped by for a visit. The Elisaldez were                                finally home after a busy summer season.                                      The Montano dropped by and 
                    The Henao's brought Noah's favorite friend Peyton.                     Roy and and the two youngest ladies came by.
We had a delicious meal of Peach BBQ Chicken ( Thank you Erin) Chicken Rice, Watergate Salad,
and lots of ice cream.  The kids made Ziploc Ice Cream which turned out excellent and was a yummy treat.  Kenzie ran the snow cone shop ( Another, thank you Erin).  The Snow Cone machine was an excellent investment.  Everyone loved it all summer long.  Even brought it to class to share with the students who also loved it .  Always sad to see summer end but with last weeks temperatures I don't think its over yet.  Hurry Fall We Are Ready !!

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