Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Summer Birthday's Have Come and Gone ...But Not Forgotten, Courtney and Avennly

Courtney Henao celebrated her Birthday on our biggest Family Tour yet.  78 members of our family
went to Illinois for American History studying Abraham Lincoln and then on to Nauvoo, to celebrate the early Mormon Saints and learn more about our dear Prophet Joseph Smith.  We celebrated Coutrney's Birthday at an Asian Buffet .  Alex had cupcakes for everyone and we had a great evening enjoying family and celebrating Courtney's Birthday .

Avennly, turned 10 while we were in Chicago, Illionis.
What a special place to be after spending a week with all her cousins an family on tour.
Avennly, ot visit the American Girl Doll in Chicago and bought an American Girl Doll.

When Avennly, returned home she had a wonderful Birthday Party thrown by Justin and Jo.
She shared her Birthday with her brother Blake,

Avennly, has many pets, a cat , a dog, and chickens
She loves her Primary Activity Days

We were happy to celebrate her special birthday all together this year.
May this next year be a happy one!
We Love You !!

Here are 10 Things Avennly enjoys 

 1. Avennly loves gymnastics
2. Instragram is something she enjoys
3. She loves painting her nails.
4.This 10 year old loves hsopping
5.PASTA Rules !
6. Converse Tennis Shoes Are Awesome !
7. Her favorite ice cream is still double chocolate fudge .
8. Favorite subject at school: Art
9. Avennly loves writing
10. This is nothing new again , this year Avennly loves makeup

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