Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bake The Cake-Wrap The Presents-Blow The Balloons Kaden's Having A Birthday

Well Its Groundhog Day and Even More Special
Is That's Kaden's Birthday !
Did Kaden See His Shadow Today ?
Kaden Will We Have 6 More Weeks Of Winter ?
What Does The Birthday Boy Predict ?
Our Prediction is Kaden Will have a wonderful Birthday, filled with love, happiness, yummy treats 
and a special visit from Nonnie and Grandpa.
This is The first son of Katie and Mark Elisaldez.
The oldest brother of 
Ryder, Brooklynne and Grayson.
He loves his family and has passion about many many things.
He loves all sports, games and reading.
He is very very bright and is always prepared
because he is a Boy Scout.
Kaden We Love You and Keep Up All The Good Things You Do !
Happy Birthday
Love Grandpa and Nonnie

Some of Kaden's Favorite Things in 2011

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