Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its All Fun and Games Till Someone Gets Hurt

Well it was tons of fun and games celebrating Kaden's 9th Birthday.
We hit Henderson a little late Thursday night just missing bedtime.  Everyone understood but Grayson.
He tryed so hard to wait for us.  After an excellent nights sleep in Mark and Katies newly decorated guest room ( Beautiful ) first stop was Claim Jumper.  We are had something delicious .  We all got a good laugh at Mark's chicken and The Lobster Tail.  The Claim Jumper is beautiful there and you feel like you are
in a mountain escape.  Against Mark Elisaldez's better judgement we decided to hit Sky Zone.  This is a trampoline...well lots of trampolines to jump on.  However Mark and Katie were doing tricks off the wall ...which were very impressive until Katie tweaked  TWEAKED TWEAKED her ankle.
She knew it was bad but her sweet hubby carried her to the side and she iced while the kids jumped. 
Poor Kate has one bad sprained ankle...for frightening picture check her facebook.  I have never seen an ankle injury like that in my life.  The rest of weekend was a real celebration.  The boys basketball team took another great win.  Coach Mark is amazing. His team hits the floor is style and I mean style..they are like mini pro's with their run in and drills.  Amazing.  The team came back to the house for Kaden's Birthday celebration.  Kaden had his team and special school friends, Nonnie , Grandpa and his Grandma Rosalee, Uncle Sinoe, Uncle Aaron, cousins , Jordan, Jefferey
and Myla.  Everyone really pitched in to help with Katie needing to rest that ankle.
We awoke and went over to our favorite Mc Donald's Playland and had a breakfast and then headed back to California.
Another exciting weekend with the Elisaldez Family !

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