Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Lights Around Town

Breakfast With The Sanders

Sanders Menu -Senor Compos as a Family For Dinner

Alex Heart Attacked The Henao Home

Ready For The Day
Kenzie and Noah

Valentines Eve Ice Cream Sundaes With.....



A Valentines Card For Cammy

One Of Mark's Gifts To Me

 One Of My Gifts To Mark

Katie's Heartbeats For Pizza, Kaden and Ryder

Brooki and Grayson's Hearts Belong To Daddy

Can You Say Pink Breakfast At Kate's

The Elisaldez 's Strawberries

Okay This Great Grandma used to call Katie, Sadie but this really just a super cute Valentine
Katie's kids got,  Its a Bubble Gum Tube with Gum and Kisses

Ginger Henao All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

Missing in Action McKenna and Justin
Hope They Too Felt The Love

Until Next Year
All That You Can !

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