Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day Packed With........

Our little group of 16 sisters, Mom's, Brothers, Cousins and Aunts headed out for a day of fun.
We started at our new favorite theater called City Cinema in Anahein, very adorable little theater.
Speaking of little we saw the new movie The Secret of Arriety...which is from the book the Borrowers all about the little people under the floor.  It was a really cute movie and we all loved it.  The older group of young ladies ( this includes Leslie) saw The Woman in Black and I think that was right up their alley.

From there we headed over to Knollwoods for World Famous Hamburgers.
If I remember correctly Dad and Mom used to take us there on the way out of town on vacations.
I remember hamburgers wrapped tighly in orange paper and tasty as could be leaving a lingering flavor and memory in my database So we really enjoyed introducing this place to the next generations.

Last stop of the day was addressing a linger health problem with my arm.  I have been having some shoulder pain and it has gone on for about 2 years so needless to say its been an on going problem and actually really intense pain lately.  The last two days I have had a huge bruise that suddenly appeared on my outcome.......  Rotator cuff  injury first must be treated with cortisone first and then if pain continues we will 
reassess for further treatments.  The bruise is tendons that have been injured and are leaking blood.  So I grit my teeth and took the shot.  It feels better because of the pain killer in the injection and it should feel much better within two days.  I guess I am sharing TMI but I also documenting the slow aging process of what I now know to be never ending.  Take good care of yourself and act quickly no good comes from waiting.
What do I usually say " Time is of the essence" with your health this is true.  Now Mom and Dad may be laughing because they have been through this and much more but for my younger brothers and sisters 
I am sharing my walk in the land of procedures, ahead of our pack.

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