Monday, June 18, 2012

Dance Dance Dance 6 Little Grandchildren

I feel like the brave little tailor 6 down in one swoop. I actually have to count 7 because Charlotte Dwelley thinks she is a little granddaughter, which is our honor. Her and her brother Wyatt are honorary grand kids. All these little dancers belong to our family.  They all take dance with Sarah Lemmon.  The boys actually were invited for a special dance number and they rocked it. It's official we have several Diva Dancers in this Group . I will let you pick them out. : ) It really is a great program the recital moves fast as can be, so it’s really enjoyable. I didn't get pictures but Kay and Bill were there as well as Josh , Kim and Logan so tons of support for these twinkle toes.  We ended the evening at Red Robin.

Our little Maddie...SHE WAS AWESOME !!

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