Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh What We Do In The Summer Time #2

1st Night of Summer. Scouting Event.  Amazing.  I really have very little knowledge about the scouting program.  It like a whole new world for a mother of daughters.   I was so impressed.  I love what they are learning and becoming in the scouting program.  Billy and Noah looked so handsome in their uniforms.  They both received patches.  Billy had a special night because he was receiving the Arrow of Light Patch ( I think that;s right )The Salo's work with Billy .  Sister Salo had to talk about Billy and had amazing things to say about it.  We were all so proud of him .  He earned an amazing amount of badges.  Noah is doing great too and has a great example to help him along the path.  Both boys made sail boats for the
Rain Gutter Regatta. It was a great evening at sea....he boys had a great time and both won a couple of rounds.  Following this amazing race takes us to Summer Time Adventure # 3....after I rest from summer time play......good night !

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