Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Nights #4 Les Miserables

Mark and I enjoyed an evening at The Orange County Performing Arts Center with Courtney, Cammy and Liz Dwelley.  My experience with this movie begin back on a tour bus through Europe with Mom, Dad and my Siblings.  Their explanation of the movie and the correlation between the Savior was amazing to me and I longed to see this.  Mom an Dad generously took our family to the Queen's Theater in Paris that very trip and I got an incredible treat of seeing this for the first time.  I was impressed my the thoughtful intelligent 
conversations that my family had about this novel .  I will never forget that bus ride and then getting to see the play in Paris. We also went to visit the island of Gurnsey where the Renouf  family is from . Part of that tour took us to the home of Victor Hugo where he wrote Les Miserable.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to see it again with my husband and children and Liz.  The music is amazing and Mark's favorite part.   I just love the story of someones love, forgiveness compassion , kindness and redemption making such a difference in the world .  I also appreciate the reality of grueling trials and challenges not always ending as we wish but the choices to live with them and still be true to your self.
My thoughts are not nearly as deep as others but I did love the story and 
Mark's favorite part is the music.  My big strong husband loves musicals.

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