Monday, June 18, 2012

In The Good Old Summertime

First trip of the Summer takes us to Henderson to visit the Elisladez Family,  This trip my sister Leslie and Erin Leigh got to visit with us which was AWESOME . As always we crowed as much love and fun into 5 days as possible.  Starting at Hover Dam.  We got to walk across the new bridge which gives you incredible views.  We then headed through Lake Mead to Lake Las Vegas, we had some delicious gelato and then  Mark rented a little cruiser boat and  off we went.  We did some sun and swim ....really fun.
The next day we headed over to Mom and Dad's in Santa Clara.  Dad and Mom met us at Marv's our favorite 50's hangout.  Delicious ice cream and fat burgers hit the spot.
More swimming but there's nothing quite like swimming in your Mom and Dad's pool .
Home Sweet Home.  We then took an evening drive over to Irvins and enjoyed some frozen yogurt from the Icebox.  ( Thank you Dad and Mom )  Breakfast had to start with with CRACKER BARREL....
One of my favorite must visits to St. George and I had a nice gift card from my Hubby to spend !
We finished the day with more swimming and  back to Nevada.  We made a quick stop at 
THE VALLEY OF FIRE ...Fireworks.  A whole shopping cart full.
We finished the week with movies, Mark's basketball game, more swimming, 2 trips to Purple Penguin and 
a Date Night For Kate and Mark and a trip to Chuckie E. Cheese.
Love my visits to see Katie and her family.  It was great to see all the 
new talents Kaden, Ryder, Brooklynne and Grayson are developing.

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